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    Keep a UserTransaction through many requests

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      I need to keep a UserTransaction through many requests in a CDI/JSF application (WAR). I have tried many ways but i can't attach my transaction to my conversational bean. See the example below:


      It's a simple CDI application deployed on JBossAS 7.1.


      My Bean:



      public class TestBean implements Serializable {
                private static final long serialVersionUID = 759936979473538251L;
                private UserTransaction userTransaction;
                Conversation conversation;
                protected Logger log = Logger.getLogger(TestBean.class);
                public void begin() throws Exception{
                          try {
                          } catch (Exception e) {
                public void doSomeAction() throws Exception{
                          log.info("Doing some action...");
                private void logStatus() throws Exception {
                          log.info("Conversation: " + conversation.getId());
                          log.info("Transaction status: " + userTransaction.getStatus());



      My XHTML file:



      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> 
      <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
                    <h:commandButton action="#{testBean.begin()}" value="Begin" />
                    <h:commandButton action="#{testBean.doSomeAction()}" value="Do some action!" />


      Log output:

      Transaction status 0 => ACTIVE

      Transaction status 6 => NO_TRANSACTION


      16:17:16,474 INFO  [br.com.veere.bean.TestBean] (http-localhost- Conversation: 1
      16:17:16,476 INFO  [br.com.veere.bean.TestBean] (http-localhost- Transaction status: 0
      16:17:16,485 ERROR [org.jboss.as.txn] (http-localhost- JBAS010152: APPLICATION ERROR: transaction still active in request with status 0
      16:17:19,096 INFO  [br.com.veere.bean.TestBean] (http-localhost- Doing some action...
      16:17:19,097 INFO  [br.com.veere.bean.TestBean] (http-localhost- Conversation: 1
      16:17:19,098 INFO  [br.com.veere.bean.TestBean] (http-localhost- Transaction status: 6


      At the point that transaction have the status 6 I needed to continue the same transaction that I started.

      I've serched by this error (JBAS010152) but I didn't get any solution.


      Sample eclipse project and war file attached.


      Is there any solution to this case?

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          Ronaldo Campos Newbie

          Just posting for history, maybe can help somebody.


          The solutions that worked for me was:


          1. Use a @Stateful EJB instead of a @Named component. It will keep the transaction active as long as you work with this EJB and don't commit or rollback the Transaction.

            => This is the easier way.



          2. Keep using a CDI @Named bean and create a interceptor that injects the TransactionManager and when before the method call it resumes the transaction and after it suspends the transaction.

            => This solution can couse some troubles, like when you inject one CDI bean into another and both use this interceptor.