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    Consistency model support

    hackland Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I have some questins about the consitency models that Infinispan supports.

      I'm new here and i want to understand and use Infinispan for my project.

      I read the documentations about MVCC and Locking (https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/ISPN/Locking+and+Concurrency#LockingandConcurrency-Concurrencylevels)

      and saw the presentation "Eventual Consistency: Coming Soon in Infinispan by Manik Surtani at JUDCon London"

      There are mentioned that Infinispan focused on strong consistency. Eventual Consitency is planed in the future.

      Now my questions:

      1. Do I have only strong consistency then i use "synchronous distribution mode"? (mentioned in  ISPN-999) What if i change to replication mode?

      2. What consitency models can i use with Hibernate OGM?

      3. Do you have more information about the consitency in Infinispan?


      Thank you for your help.


      Best regards