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    rich:component and rich:tooltip interaction

    Guillaume Enrico Newbie

      Hi there,


      Since RichFaces' last update (4.2.2) dealing with rich:tooltip problems, the rich:tooltip is now using the Javascript Service feature from RichFaces instead of the classic Javascript implementation. My problem is that, since then, my tooltip isn't working.


      I have a notification system using a4j:push that update a mail counter and notify the user with a tooltip.


      Here is my notificationPanel.xhtml


      <a4j:push address="notificationAddress#{uiNotifications.login}" ondataavailable="updateNotificationsInformations(event.rf.data)">
          <a4j:ajax event="dataavailable" execute="@this" render="@none" />
      <a4j:jsFunction name="updateNotificationsInformations" execute="@this" limitRender="true" action="#{uiNotifications.updateNotifications}"
          oncomplete="#{rich:component('newNotificationsTooltip')}.show()" render="notificationsPanel,mailCounter,newNotificationsTooltip" >
          <a4j:param name="param1" assignTo="#{uiNotifications.idNotification}" />


      And my tooltip is in controlNotificationsIcon.xhtml

      <h:panelGroup id="newNotificationsContainer" layout="block" />
          <rich:tooltip id="newNotificationsTooltip" styleClass="tooltip"
              target="newNotificationsContainer" layout="block" attached="false"        
              <span> Vous avez 1 nouveau message.</span>



      On the javascript console of my browser, i have this error

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'show' of undefined
      (anonymous function)


      Well, seems the rich:component doesn't find my tooltip, but I don't understand why. It was working perfectly in the previous versions.

      Any ideas ?

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          Guillaume Enrico Newbie

          Well, I have been investigating recently about this problem. In fact, it's not the rich:component that is the cause of the problem, but rather the use of the "show()" method (or "hide()") in a <a4j:jsFunction>. If I use the show() on a tooltip in another component (the push, for exemple), it's working.


          I'm trying to find a solution to force the tooltip to show (and hide) outside of a jsFunction, but it may not be that trivial.