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    Riftsaw clean instance data history


      Hi to all


      I use Riftsaw 2.3.0 in a production enviroment.


      This is the configuration:

      - jboss 5.1

      - Riftsaw 2.3.0

      - jbossWS 3.4.0

      - MySql 5 as riftsaw database backend.


      I looked into riftsaw database and I found the process execution table BPAF_EVENT, BPAF_EVENT_DATA with a large rows number:

      BPAF_EVENT_DATA contains 31,379,092 rows (data lenght 7,308,574,720).

      These rows are created in only one month. It is very important for me create a maintenance procedure that remove old instance.


      In Oracle Bpel Engine I can remove an old instance info (or clean all the history) from web console or using java api.


      How can remove the old instance? throught a sql script file that remove data from the tables?





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          Hi Daniele.


          The BPAF_EVENT, BPAF_EVENT_DATA tables are keeping the BPEL events for historic analysis, mostly used by the RiftSaw Console.


          So, if you don't need this feature, you can turn it off  by commenting out following line in bpel.properties.




          Note that these two table are only keeping the events, for example, processStartEvent, variableChangeEvent etc, they don't contain things like instance. This explains why you get the data grow quite quickly in these two tables, as when you execute an instance, it triggers many events. And for now, we don't have a mechanism to clear the old events from database in a specified time.


          In regards to remove the old instance question, we had some configurations to clean the process instances either at success, failure or always. Details can be found at here : http://ode.apache.org/instance-data-cleanup.html .


          We don't have the functionality of removing old instance info from web console or using API yet (please file a jira feature request if you want it at here https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RIFTSAW), and I wouldn't recommend you to remove data from tables directly to remove old process instances, as it involves too many tables, which might be having some dirty data left in tables if you do it manually.




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