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    RichFaces 3.3. ScrollableDataTable - No horizontal scrollbar when there are no records to be displayed

    Martin Koster Newbie

      Hi all,


      we implemented a search functionality, where the search results are displayed in RichFaces' 3.3. scrollableDataTable. The columns of the datatable are not fully displayed on the page (due to many columns :-), so the user needs to navigate to those columns via the horizontal scrollbar of the datatable.


      However, when there are no search results, the horizontal scrollbar is not visible and we can not see the remaining columns. Manipulating the CSS for the generated div "tablename:scb" which holds the scrollbar usually hasn't worked so far. The horizontal scrollbar works perfectly, when there are entries displayed.


      Info: We also make use of the frozenColumn feature.

      Did anybody encountered this issue already? Any idea how to solve this issue? I am also fine with fixing some stuff within RichFaces.


      Thanks a lot !


      Best rergards,

      Martin Koster