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    Bhaskaran Venkataraman Newbie

      I am trying to understand the example discussed in the following blog. Excellent example to explain the concepts.




      I have a few questions related to that.


      1. What is the purpose of the "Preprocess" script task ?


          From the example it looks like it creates a map object and sets default values for modelNumber, quantity and priority. The map

           object that contains these parameters are mapped to map process variable by the code :


          kcontext.setVariable("map", map);


          The content parameter is set to map in the human task "Sample Order Task" as shown below in the properties window


          Parameter Mapping                    {content=map}


          When the user is going to input values in the human task form why is there a need to preset variables in the

          "Preprocess" script task ?( which are anyway going to be overwritten by the human task "Sample Order Task" )

           My understanding is that we only need result mapping to transfer the values entered by the user back

           to process variables.


          Am I missing something here ?


      2. There are 2 ftl forms in the zip file "ProcessOrder.ftl" and "SampleApprovalTask.ftl" which I understand are related to the human tasks

           "Sample Order Task" and "Sample Approval Task". There is a third one "com.sample.bpmn.sampleHTformvariables.ftl" and also its image

           com.sample.bpmn.sampleHTformvariables.png. I did not understand the context for these 2 files ?


      3. I believe the driver ( Java Program ) that came for the sample Evaluation application should work for this application also. Am I right ?


      Your response will be greatly appreciated.