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    Submit#listAllRules returns wrong method name

    Masao Kunii Newbie



      I found that Submit#listAllRules returns method names with missing the last character.

      For example, the trigger method name in the result of bmsubmit.sh shoud be " test.Target.doSomething(java.lang.String) void" but it is "doSomethin" now.


      [root@client bin]# ./bmsubmit.sh
      # File testRule.btm line 5
      RULE test_rule
      CLASS Target
      METHOD doSomething
      AT ENTRY
      IF true
      DO debug("test");
      Transformed in:
      loader: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@6ba7bf11
      trigger method: test.Target.doSomethin(java.lang.String) void



      I attached the patch and testcase. Could someone check them out?