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    Avoid Jboss AS7 to deploy automatically ejb

    Alessandro D'Ottavio Newbie

      hi guys


      i have a web application A   that call one remote session ejb  deployed in a application B


      the application A doesn't have any EJB but to call the ejb deployed from application B use a jar client


      my problem is that the company that provided my the client jar to call the ejb deployed in the applicationB 

      contain inside not only the stub and the interfaces, but also the ejb implementation, i mean a class with this annotations





      the result is that when i try to deploy the application the container try to deploy the ejb


      how ca in solve this problem?


      actually my application is bundled in a war.... i deploy directly the war

      may be if i create an ear and configure the application.xml to have only the web application and not that ejb could work?



      other ways i have to open the jar client and remove ejb implementation