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    JBossCMP fails  when column name is 'key'

    Scy Newbie

      I encountered a problem when deploying an entity bean on JBoss 2.4. The bean was created with Xdoclet and had a field called 'key', which ws created simply by a abstract getKey() function and tagged as persistent.

      The problem occured when deploying the bean, as I found that the bean would appear to deploy successfully but jaws would not create the table in the mySQL db (other entity beans deployed fine at the same time). No error messages were given, even with debug=true in jaws.xml.

      The solution (found eventually) was to rename the 'key' field to something else, which allowed the bean to deploy fine. I thought to share this info, especially since 'key' is a fairly likely name for a column in a database.

      Does anyone have any more info on this, particularly as to when the cause of the problem is?