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    Drag & Drop from rich:tree in IE 7/8 is broken (4.2.0.Final+)

    Dmitry Shultz Novice

      At the end of Drag & Drop from Tree to the drop panel, the dragged item visually 'stuck', IE reporting an JS error:


      Message: Invalid argument.

      Line: 1

      Char: 21752

      Code: 0

      URI: http://sand23:8080/demo/javax.faces.resource/jsf.js.jsf?ln=javax.faces



      and there is no dropListener method invoked.


      In the attachment maven project to outline the problem, just make sure cleare the cache of Internet Explored before loading the page.

      It works if you change RichFaces version to 4.1.0.Final in pom.xml, so it looks like regression. I will create bug report.