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    Help required with database based filtering and sorting

    M Fahad Newbie

      I am implementing database based filtering and sorting. Something very similar to the example on richfaces showcase




      The MySQL database can be modified (e.g. rows added / removed / changed) by some external program as well.


      For rows getting added / deleted there is no problem. The rows gets added / removed in the datatable in UI as well. But when an entry gets changed, even though in filtering the row is displayed but the entry is still the old one.



      Suppose the columns be: Name, Surname

      Values be : ABCD, WXYZ


      If I filter out with Surname = "WXYZ", I get the row "ABCD,WXYZ"


      Now the entry in database is changed to "ABCD, MNOP"


      Now if I filter with Surname = "MNOP", I get row "ABCD, WXYZ". So the filtering is happening with the changed value, but the row displayed is still the old one.


      Please let me know how can I display the updated values from the database in the rich:datatable