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    setting width of rich:extendedDataTable to %

    Juned S Newbie

      Hi Team,


      I have searched a lot regarding setting the width of rich:extendedDataTable to %. I am using richfaces 4.2.2 and is it possible to do the same? if yes then please let me know how to. can I set the width of columns also to %? I have noticed one can set width of rich:dataTable to % by style="width:100%" then why not for rich:extendedDataTable?


      I tried setting the width in

      .rf-edt-tbl {

          border-collapse: collapse;

          border-spacing : 0;

          width:100%; /* Added by JunedS */



      the result is as shown below




      but I want it to be like




      This has been a blocker and I am unable to proceed further and I dont want to migrate to primefaces just for this reason alone. Please help me!!


      Thanks & regards,

      Juned S