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    Recommendation sought for deploying large numbers of images in JBOSS AS 7

    Peter Clarke Newbie

      We have an application that deploys a large number of images in one or more EARs/ WARs. Each WAR represents 1 image catlogue and has its own context root; e.g. /catalogue1, /catalogue2 etc. Images are linked to from the application dynamically by inserting URLs in JSPs as required; eg. server/catalogue1/browncow/hownow.png.This is a reasonably convenient way to deploy and redeploy and addressed some concerns about limits on EAR/ WAR sizes (although deployments tend to be exploded). The drawback is while we can force application authentication for the application root context the image catalogues can be browsed without logging into the application as the catalogues are outside of the application.

      If anyone has any thoughts on this or recommendations it would be appreciated.