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    richgit.sh reimplementation in python.

    Justin Wyer Newbie

      Brian suggested a reimplementation of richgit.sh in python, this is something which I support and will implement. The purpose of this discussion is for you to request any features or changes to the script. So on those notes I open the floor


      Additional Features:

      1. Human Commands ie. pull instead of -p amd status instead of -s
      2. Bash completion.
      3. GItflow support.
      4. Rename repo on fork. ie rename components fork to be richfaces-components.


      Existing use cases:

      1. Use github API to automatically fork repos.
      2. Clone repos.
      3. Pull upstream changes.
      4. Run git status on modules.
      5. Run a command against modules.
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          Justin Wyer Newbie

          An update on the current state of the reimplmentation, its about 30% done. The idea is that the new script will live in a seperate repo and will be git submoduled into the richfaces build repository.


          There is now a configuration file (would be added to the build/scripts directory) that the tool will read it contains the following information:


          • Prefix with which to name the forks ie. richfaces/components -> justinwyer/richfaces-components (this can be changed via a switch).
          • List of Owner/Name of the module repositories on github ie. richfaces/components or justinwyer/gitten
          • Relative path in which the repository should be cloned ie ../../ from script location of build/scripts


          The script is being written to not only assist with the richfaces repositories but I also want to use it for the droolsjbpm repo as cloning and I think I can find a use for it at work too (hence adding the bitbucket support).

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            Brian Leathem Master

            This is great stuff Justin, thanks for taking the time work on this.


            A couple of things I'd like to see the script do:

            • run operations on each of the git repositories in parallel
              • this would truly give an advantage to using the tool
            • pull should not stash changes by default (for instance with a "-s" switch)
              • currently I don't use the -p option, as it's quicker to run "richgit -e git pull"


            Also, we can consider changing the name of the script, if it would be generally usefult to other projects.

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              Justin Wyer Newbie

              Yeah I have changed the name to gitten, the github mascot reminded me of kittens