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    How to achieve session replication among jboss clusters in jboss As 7.1

    chaitanya kidambi Newbie



      I have made two standalone jboss 7 instances, and am able to load balance them using mod_jk.

      i want to implement session replication in my app.

      i have searched the internet and found that adding <distributable/> tag to the web.xml would enable the session replication.

      i have tried it, but its not working.

      for instance. if i start my both  jobss instace and run my application, and shutdown the instance where session is created, the second node(instance) creating a new session, thus session data is lost , i again have to login to my application.

      could any one please explain me the configaratuion thats required in jboss 7for session replication




      any help is appriciated