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    Maven Repo has 2.2.10 through 2.2.18 but not the released .14?

    davidmac Newbie

      Somewhat related to https://community.jboss.org/thread/161199?tstart=0... I'm trying to find the correct client version to put in a maven build against the latest .Final release (2.2.14.Final) so I went browsing in the JBoss maven repos to verify the versions for hornetq-core-client and hornetq-jms-client.  I found library version for 2.2.10.Final through 2.2.18.Final EXCEPT for 2.2.14.Final.  I am looking at this page:




      Am I looking in the wrong place or confused about how the release process works?  I think that the library versions of the hornetq-core-client and hornetq-jms-client should match the release version of the server.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated because we spend a little too much time right now trying to get the correct dependencies, especially after updates.