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    SP with multiple IDPs

    Todd Wilder Newbie

      I'm posting to make sure PicketLink does not offer this, and ask that it be added if it does not already exist.


      I have an SP and I want to use multiple IDPs with it. This is common for applications like SharePoint or disqus, where you trust multiple IDPs (you need to identify a unique id saml assertion, normally email address) and when a user needs to log in, they get to choose from multiple IDPs. The UI and the redirecting I can handle myself, but the trusting of multiple IDPs seems to be technically impossible at the moment because of the configuration below



      <KeyProvider ClassName="org.picketlink.identity.federation.core.impl.KeyStoreKeyManager">


          <Auth Key="KeyStoreURL" Value="/jbid_test_keystore.jks" />

          <Auth Key="KeyStorePass" Value="store123" />

          <Auth Key="SigningKeyPass" Value="test123" />

          <Auth Key="SigningKeyAlias" Value="servercert" />


         <ValidatingAlias Key="idp.example.com" Value="servercert" />

          <ValidatingAlias Key="localhost" Value="servercert" />



      I need to provide multiple certificates and validatingaliases, ideally database driven instead of xml file driven