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    Log4J setting overwrite?

    TC ONG Newbie

      I update my environment to drools 5.4.0 and jbpm 5.3.0 and now I get these message show up when I start my spring tomcat app. Anyone seen this before? How to solve this? My app log no shown anymore.

      log4j: reset attribute= "false".
      log4j: Threshold ="null".
      log4j: Retreiving an instance of org.apache.log4j.Logger.
      log4j: Setting [org.drools.grid] additivity to [true].
      log4j: Level value for org.drools.grid is  [INFO].
      log4j: org.drools.grid level set to INFO
      log4j: Level value for root is  [ERROR].
      log4j: root level set to ERROR
      log4j: Class name: [org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender]
      log4j: Setting property [target] to [System.out].
      log4j: Parsing layout of class: "org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout"
      log4j: Setting property [conversionPattern] to [%-4r %-5p %x- %m%n].
      log4j: Adding appender named [console] to category [root].
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          TC ONG Newbie

          And I found  log4j.xml in drools-grid-impl-5.4.0.Final.jar

          It is overwriting my log4j.properties in my src folder.

          So I create my own log4j.xml to overwrite the log4j.xml in drools-grid-impl-5.4.0.Final.jar


          Drools Team request:

          Can you not set


                  <priority value ="ERROR" />

                  <appender-ref ref="console" />