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    Reading User Form Variables

    Bhaskaran Venkataraman Newbie

      I have a question regarding the User Forn variables. I was under the impression that freemarker template (ftl)

      files have to be created for user forms. But I was able to run the HelloProcess example discussed in this forum.

      I believe the XML code creates the user interface form.


      1. I tried to read my own ftl file by changing the TaskName property in the XML. I have the Hello.ftl deployed

          in the resources directory of the project as I have seen it in an example. But it does not display my form.

          It is still reading the hardcoded contents in the XML


            <from xsi:type="tFormalExpression">Hello</from>
            <to xsi:type="tFormalExpression">_4_TaskNameInput</to>


      2. I see a complete button to submit the form. But that is not harcoded anywhere in the XML. Where does it come

          from ? The XML file of the BPMN diagram is attached for your reference.


      I would like to read my own ftl files rather than hardcoding the contents in the XML. In the Developers Guide I saw

      an example where the ftl file is included in the XML with the following construct. But I do not have any examples

      on that usage of how input/output is done through the form.


          <userTask id="requestVacation" name="Request Vacation"
           <potentialOwner resourceRef="user" jbpm:type="group">
            <rendering id="requestForm">


      Your response will be highly appreciated.