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    Trans A / B, CMR / BMP

    Ignacio Newbie

      Hi, this is not a trivial one and keeps me puzzled:

      I store my webapp menus on DB. Since these are intensely used I want to make access as fast as possible. I developed a Menu cache, but this no longer gives me what I need and anyway I wanted to relay on JBoss EJB caches. To make access fast, I will use transaction type A, but:

      1.- Should I use CMR for the relation Menu->MenuItem, or
      2.- Should I use BMP since there is always at least one access to the database to get the keys of the records affected, in this case the MenuItem keys.

      I want to make no access to the DB if possible. If that involves programming BMP well, but would prefer to use the great CMR stuff. Any knowledge out there?