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    HornetQ standalone configuration for remote conn

    blacar Newbie



      I having troubles configuring a standalone hornetq server to be accesed by remote client machines.

      I am using JNDI services in order to access. I think the problem now is the configuration for coonnector and acceptors, i have readed documentation but it is not clear to me whay are they used for (each one)


      My problem now is that my client is unable to create session factory.


      In the hornetq-configuration.xml file i have defined an acceptor (NettyAcceptorFactory) with param host value

      Also i have a connector with param host and value with the hornetq server ip


      Could someone point me to any good example of configuration files for remote access? ... also the initialization of the JNDI context values in the client can be wrong.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Andy Taylor Master

          you havent given us much info on why the client cannot create a session factory, however, the jndi configuration in standalone is on the *-beans.xml file, this returns the connector to the client which is then used to create the connection.

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            blacar Newbie

            Hello Andy,


            Thanks for the information.

            In fact the problem was related to the -beans.xml, as you commented.


            The configuration that worked for me was:


            In JNDI bind address used the IP of the hornetq server machine (no localhost,, or any other thing)

            In connectors and acceptors y use the host and port properties placing tested non firewalled port and host in case of the acceptor, and localhost (or server ip) in case of connector.


            The problem was a mix between bad configuration and mad network policies but it is solved now.


            Thanks anyway for your time.