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    Action based on user input in human task

    Bhaskaran Venkataraman Newbie

      I am trying to figure out how to take care of the events based on user input. Say for e.g., we

      have a form where the manager can accept of reject the request. So the form should be having the

      "Accept" and "Reject" buttons. When the manager clicks on "Accept" what happens ? Basically

      we can set a process variable to have the outcome, say if "Accept" then process variable outcome

      is set to 1. Else it is set to 0. I looked at XML code for sample application and did not find anything

      related to submit buttons. I also could not locate the ftl files of the sample application in the Console

      Server war file. Do I have to do this in code by creating a Mina task client and then interacting with the

      task service ?


      I thought this should have asked many many times before in the forum but on browsing did not find

      what I need. If it is already there all I need is a link to that article. Also it will help if I know where

      the ftl files for the sample application are stored.


      Thanks for your help