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    How to read SOAP attachment from action class in JBOSS ESB

    Varun Singh Newbie

      Hi , I'm new to JBoss ESB product. I hope someone here can help me answer this question.


      I have developed one ESB project and have exposed it as web service. I am calling this ESB service using SOAP/http from client. Client sends a SOAP message which contains attachment too.



      When I am invoking my web service using Client, I am unable to fetch the attachments in action class.



      Attached SOAPTip.java is a client class where I am preparing the SOAP request and calling ESB service.

      MYAction is action class of ESB module. MyAction is the only action in my ESB Project.



      Coide fragment of JBOSS-esb.xml






        <service category="FirstESBSample" description="A template for Chapter8"


         <!-- <security moduleName="JBossWS" rolesAllowed="friend"/> -->


          <jms-listener busidref="FirstESBChannel" name="FirstESBListener" />

          <jms-listener busidref="FirstJMSChannel" is-gateway="true"

           name="FirstJMSListener" />


         <actions inXsd="BookServiceRequest.xsd" mep="RequestResponse" outXsd="BookServiceResponse.xsd">

          <action class="com.ing.act.MyAction" name="esbaction"/>







      Any feedback will be highly appreciated.