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    Start/deploy singleton service last within a deployment

    Thomas Goettlich Novice



      we have a deployment (application) with various subdeployments (EJB jars, WARs etc.).

      Within one of those deployments we have singleton service that basically looks like this:





      public class MySingleton {


        public void doSomeInitialization() {





      We now need  the doSomeInitialization method to be run after everything else within that deployment.


      I guess we could use the @DependsOn annotation but what would I depend on?

      I'd like to not have to depend on all the services we're deploying (there's a lot of them) - not even the singletons with @Startup annotations.


      Is there a way to achieve that, maybe by depending on some container functionality?


      Btw, we're doing that in JBoss 7.1.0.Final.


      Thanks in advance,