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    Reusing the jBossPool with Other AppServers

    Anjan Bacchu Newbie

      Hi All,

      We have an app(which uses Servlets) which will be deployed on various AppServers like jBoss/tomcat, hp-as, enhydra.

      I would like to use the JDBC Connection pool module from the jBossPool source base. I wondered if any of you have already tried to create an independent JDBC Connection Pool Module using the minerva/jBossPool source.

      The requirements for our Pool are :

      1) Multiple Connection Pools
      a) Multiple Pools which use the same JDBC driver
      (say, one Pool(A) to Oracle for Schema A
      and another Pool(B) to Oracle for Schema B)
      b) Multiple Pools which use different JDBC drivers
      (say, one Pool for Oracle and another pool
      for mySQL)

      2) TimeOut for Connections.

      3) Transaction support.

      4) support JDBC 2.0

      5) Should work with any Java App Server.

      What are the issues that need to be considered for creating such a module from scratch OR creating it from the jbossPool/minerva ?

      Thank you for any tips/suggestions.

      Best Regards,