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    Delegate authorization role mapping for application: JACC is the answer?

    Claudio Weiler Newbie



      Hope thats the corret place.


      I'm trying to find an answer to my question, but can't find it directly through web searchs, so I came here to ask the community.


      I want to know if is possible to let application (web at first) to programatically fill roles in the subject obtained on authentication module?




      - Server JBoss AS 7.1.1

      - I have a jaas database login module configured on standalone.xml, form based login with managed bean (request.login), it is working correctly, filling roles etc.

      - I need that my application could programatically put more roles (application specific database) into authenticated subject.

      - I find something about JACC, but not sure about it. I try to enable it in domain configuration, then my subject came with empty roles, probably because my application do not define roles in web.xml.



      So, Is this possible? What the steps to make it? Or I am totally wrong in my needs.