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    Portlet preferences shared or not shared?

    donino doninos Newbie



      It appears currently the portlet preferences are shared between the users. I read in this jira entry it should change  in 3.3, but this future feature is not clear. The behaviour described at the beginning of the jira by thomas heute would be perfect, but is it the one wich will be implemented? Or will the preferences be only user-specific?  I know that is is what the 286 specifications require but in some portlets, such the one i am working on,  sharing the preferences really makes sense and may be very important. Please could someone clarify this point?



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          Julien Viet Apprentice



          at the moment preferences are shared between users, however the perception is not the same according to where you place the portlet.


          In a portal site (like classic) : it is shared among all users that can use the portlet

          In a group site (like /platform/users): it is shared among all users of this group

          In a user site (like the root dashboard) : it is shared only for the root user (which means that it is personalized to him).


          In JBoss Portal we had support for personalization per user in a shared context but not in GateIn. We do have plans to bring this behavior in GateIn 4.0 although it is not yet scheduled.



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            donino doninos Newbie

            Thanks Julien for this quick reply.


            It is important for my portlet project to be able to share the preferences, so this behaviour perfectly meets my needs!  I was just afraid it could be considered as a bug for the future releases since it is not exactly what the JSR 286 specifies. Then finally all is right !