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    Commands documentation

    javaottawa Newbie


      is there any list of commands and what they do documentation?


      There is about 200 commands, most of them I can just guess what they do. I know I  can run help <commnad> but most of the time it says nothing, and anyways it it kind of time demanding to run them all this way, to learn about the tool.


      Otherwise it looks like a great tool, at least that portion that I know how to use, because there is some example (like UI scaffolding).





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          Koen Aers Master

          Hi Alex,


          If you are thinking about a reference list of all the builtin command, I'll have to disappoint you. Most of the commands should be more or less self explanatory but it is nevertheless certainly something we should add to the documentation.


          It would also be a good idea to include this for every individual plugin.


          As for the help command, it would be good to have a more formal way to check that the provided info is actually usable.


          Feel free to ask questions and/or file JIRA issues with concrete suggestions about individual commands that you don't understand!




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