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    framework.pack.js & ui.pack.js issues

    Fred Dunaway Newbie



      I'm posting here because I'm out of options at this point. I'm a Network Administrator for a company that needs to access a site https://www.vintektime.com/ but the load time can take up to 58 minutes, and it's random to where it can take 2 minutes or 30 minutes+.


      We used to be able to access the site with no problem, but when this loading issue started Vintek told us they did some updates that could of caused the problem, no other clients are having the issue. Which ok, but I've done everything I can think of as for as allowing those files and the IPs through our security server and firewall and web filtering. I've told them it was the JS files that were causing the issue but that was over 2 weeks ago and they "closed" the ticket stating it was resolved. So I'm a bit frustrated at this point and I've done a ton of research today which has lead me here.


      I've been using Google Chrome to track all the files being loaded on the site and saw that Richfaces was the JS files, so did some googling and noticed people have had issues with framework.pack.js & ui.pack.js, now being as I don't have access to their site I can't edit it, but I come here in hopes that someone could give me some direction that I can forward to Vintek to possible fix the problem, or if there is a Enduser setting I can "bandaid" the issue on our end it would be great.


      Thank you very much for any direction