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    NPE when using a particular DefaultCacheManager constructor

    Darrell Burgan Newbie

      In Infinispan 5.1.5, see the constructor in DefaultCacheManager at line 434 - DefaultCacheManager(String globalConfigurationFile, String defaultConfigurationFile, String namedCacheFile, boolean start).


      On line 447, it calls defineConfiguration(), which ultimately NPEs on line 974 because the globalComponentRegistry has not yet been created. If you look back at line 447, you can see that the globalComponentRegistry is created afterwards on line 450.


      This is forcing me to investigate using a different means of passing a configuration into the default cache manager, which is a hassle, but I believe it will be an adequate workaround.


      In the meantime, this clearly seems to be a bug with this variant of the constructor. I'd suggest either fixing the bug or removing this variant of the constructor altogether.