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    Problems getting rar deployed

    Andre Anneck Newbie

      Hi Team,

      I am in the process of building a RAR Package. I took a look at the examples that come with the JBoss PDF Documentation, and from what I see there the structure of the .rar is like this:
      File: my-ra.rar

      But when I drop that into the deploy directory of jboss nothing happens :(. If there would at least be any error, but the DeploymentThread simply ignores my .rar file.

      I am using JBoss-2.4.4, on WinNT SP6, jdk1.3.1_01.

      My feeling tells me I am missing something extremly obvious, but I have searched the docs and I could find any pointers. If you can provide me with any clue please do so.

      Take care,