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    Can't find classes mentioned in Reference Data sections of component reference

    Mike Woinoski Newbie

      For each of the components described in the Component Reference, the Reference Data section lists several classes. For example, for <rich:dataScroller>:


           component-type: org.richfaces.DataScroller

           component-class: org.richfaces.component.UIDataScroller

           component-family: org.richfaces.DataScroller

           renderer-type: org.richfaces.DataScrollerRenderer

           handler-class: org.richfaces.taglib.DataScrollerHandler


      However, of the four classes mentioned, the only one I can find (either in the RichFaces 4.2 jars or API documention) is org.richfaces.component.UIDataScroller. Are the other classes defined and/or documented elsewhere?


      Also, where is the documentation for the supported attributes and child elements for each tag? The most complete documentation I could find for <rich:dataScroller> was the javadoc for org.richfaces.component.UIDataScroller.