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    Do I need to use @Clustered for local beans?

    Alessandro Montanari Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I'm starting with jboss clustering right now so sorry if I say somenthif stupid

      I have a clustered application with session replication that is set up in this way:

      - mod_cluster as load balancer

      - 2 nodes with jboss AS 6 + Seam 2.2.2.Final

      - 1 node with MYSQL


      There are some JavaBean and some SFSB and SLSB used as seam components (@Name).

      The SFSB and SLSB are annotated with @Local.

      For the clustering I added <distributable/> in web.xml and  <core:init distributable="true"/> in components.xml.


      Everything works perfectly (even session replication).


      My questions are:

      - I didn't put the @Clustered annotation on any bean, neither SFSB nor SLSB, is it a problem?

      - is it strange that the application works?

      - there are some limitations in not using @Clustered, for example a node can not call a bean on another node (I'm guessing), but in this case the beans should be remote, isn't that?

      - in conclusion, what is the aim of @Clustered?


      Thank you all!

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          In general, if you have a webapplication that uses the SFSB's and SLSB's, the calls are prefered local (nevertheless whether you use Remote or Local interfaces.

          If you use Local interface it is clear that the call must be local.


          So for a SLSB there is no need to be clustered if you have only this use-case.

          But for a SFSB there is a need for @Clustered, the reason is that your webapp can be failover to the other node, the websession is replicated, but in your case the SFSB not and this is an inconsistent state.


          But yes your application will work correctly until such failover happens.

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            Alessandro Montanari Newbie

            Thanks Wolf-Dieter,

            so if I don't use @Clustered the state of SFSBs is not replicated even if they are seam components?

            My expectation is that, since they are seam components with Conversation scope their state will be replicated during web session replication, is that false?


            Thanks again!

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              I don't know about seam.

              But if it is a SFSB, the state is inside this bean and I think seam does not replicate this (maybe if you give all informations back, seam will include that in the web-session, but I don't think so the SFSB is overhead in that case).

              The state of a SFSB is replicated by JBossCache or Infinispan (AS6 / AS7).


              At least I would ask in a seam forum (don't know whether there is one) or maybe you will get an answer from a seam guy here.

              A fast way is to start your test-cluster and kill the node where the SFSB is active you will see whether the state is replicated.