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    Does JBoss 7 support RMI programming

    Gan Dong Newbie





      I want to deploy an application on JBoss 7 container, and call its method from client side. For example, I have several tests that needs to run on server side VM, and I want to invoke the tests and get results from client side VM.  On JBoss 5, I can achieve this by deploying an agent on server and looking up JNDI name through jnp://host:1090.  I know jnp protocol is not supported in JBoss 7 any more. Is it possible to do the same thing as above on JBoss 7?


      I've read the documentation and lots articles, and I know JBoss 7.1 suports looking up remote custom object through remote://localhost:4447 bound to java:jboss/exported JNDI tree view. But I still did not find a way to call remote method on JBoss 7.


      Can someone tell me how to implement this, or is this possible on JBoss 7?