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    Regression bug after upgrade from 2.2.5 final -> 2.2.14 final: unclosed connections & memory leak

    peterparker Newbie


      We have upgraded from HornetQ 2.2.5 to 2.2.14 a week ago and since then faced severe problems with the queue causing in various complete server lockups and crashes.


      It seems, open connections add up in an unclosed state for some reason.


      lsof -u hornetq shows > 40,000 connections in CLOSE_WAIT state on a light-weight system with max 400 parallel connections and roughly 1 million messages per day.


      The HornetQ then shows "Too many open files" errors in the log file and will start to eat up all the memory (we saw up to 80GB) it can get and so eventually kill the server...

      Our server died once a day since the upgrade.


      I have found these resources that mention open file problems and a leak in the resource handling:






      All these issues were marked resolved before the release of 2.2.14 so I am not sure if the fixes actually made it into the release and these are new issues or if they will be fixed in the next release.

      https://community.jboss.org/message/737442#737442 suggests a fix in 2.2.16...


      If the above linked tickets describe the problem and it is in fact already resolved: When will it be pushed to a public release? Can I see the release roadmap anywhere?

      Is there a possibility to get patches? I've only found how to download the trunk with the remark that it is unstable and will not work in production.


      For us, the current final version 2.2.14 is highly unstable and we cannot use it.

      In my opinion a leak in resource management calls for a hotfix release of a stable version since it is in fact not stable.


      Any information regarding this issue is highly appreciated.


      Thanks and best wishes,