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    Is there a way to change/configure directory names in JBoss tmp directory

    Baerbel Lindner Newbie



      we are porting a larger application from JBoss 5.1 to JBoss 7.1.


      We have successfully ported several servlets, web services, EJBs etc.


      Now we are struggling with some older parts of our application. These parts are using cgi scripts.

      The cgi scripts need information about the location of the JBoss 7 tmp directories and their names.


      There was a "speaking" sub directory name (= name of the deployed war or jar file) in JBoss 5.1, for example:


      Our cgi applications are using the part: myapplication.war.


      In JBoss 7 we have no chance to check the correct deployment directory outside our JBoss web context.

      The directory names are even more cryptic than in JBoss 5, for example:


      There is no information about "myapplication.war" in the path names any more.


      In servlet context we can get the path information using getRealPath. But it is difficult to change our old cgi applications.

      Therefore we are searching for a way to rename the last part of the tmp directory.


      Anybody have suggestions/ideas?