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    How to receive stomp messages (without std MessageConsumer)

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      I am trying to make a proof of concept usong stomp protocol with hornetq ... i've seen the examples that comes with the documentation and ive created the producer using the same idea (open a socket and sending text frames as i were using telnet) ... it seems to work, but i have not a clear idea about how to implement the consumer, since this does not comes with the example ... in the example the consumer is implemented using normal MessageConsumer class, and i am interested in using same socket approach, or Stomp specific classes that could come with hornetq.


      Also i've seen references to some StompConnection, StompFrame, ... classes. And i am confused ... should i use these classes?

      Are there some documentation source where to consult this topic more clear?


      I am using hornetq 2.2.14.Final