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    How to clear a stuck MDB

    Stuart Williamson Novice

      I am currently experiencing a rare problem in an applicaiton that I have developed where an MDB is becoming completely stuck inside a call to a netive method. In most cases everything works fine, and the native method returns, but every once in a while the native method fails to return and my MDB becomes stuck. Eventually all of my MDBs become stuck, and I have to re-start the application server to get things running again. I have written some code (using Timers) that detects when the error occurs, but I am currently unable to kick the stuck thread back into life.


      I have seen the problem when running my application in both JBoss AS 4.2.3 and JBoss AS 5.1, I am always running against an Oracle database.


      Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, or does anyone have any suggestions for how I can kick the stuck thread back into life? Any help would be very much appreciated.