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    AJP request hang during login via SSO with Picketlink

    Karl Gross Newbie

      Dear All,


      recently I want to try Picketlink SSO feature on JBoss7 together with Apache HTTP server via AJP. I setup two JBoss instances, one for IDP and the other for SP. IDP and SP are redirected via AJP by Apache. I could be redirected to IDP login page when I want to open SP site on browser. But now after I submitted the form with the correct username and password, I am staying at the page idp/j_security_check. For you to reproduce the problem, I have attached the adapted Picketlink example with different domains for IDP and SP. The readme.txt gives the instructions how to reproduce the problem.


      In production enviroment, it is often using JBoss and Apache together. This problem could prevent us from using Pickelinkt for SSO. Can anyone tell me if this could be a bug of JBoss or Picketlink?


      If I replace ajp proxy with http proxy, there will be no problem. Dose this issue relate to AJP 1.3 connector not working?


      Best Regards,