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    Addendum on Camel binding tooling

    Keith Babo Master

      I managed to forget that the "operationSelector" option for all the camel bindings.  This applies to: JMS, File, FTP, Schedule, TCP, UDP, and DB (and any other camel components we add).


      Tomo - does this apply to JCA as well?


      As background, the operationSelector is used when the inbound protocol does not natively convey the operation name for a service invocation.  For example, you recieve a file and the service being invoked has three operations.  We need a way to indicate in the binding which operation is being invoked.  This is where operationSelector comes in.  See the JIRA for an example:




      A few additional notes:

      • This is not required for services with a single operation, so the config parameter should be optional in the tooling.
      • This config option is only need for service bindings (producers).


      Sorry for the miss and let me know if any of this is unclear.

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          Tomohisa igarashi Master

          JCA gateway also has an option for the operation name but quite different with other components (and is noisy...)


          following is the sample to indicate operation name as "onMessage"

                  <sca:service name="JCACCIService" promote="ComponentName/JCACCIService">

                      <binding.jca xmlns="http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/opencsa/sca/200912/binding-jca">


                             <resourceAdapter name="mock-ra.rar" type="javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapter">


                             <activationSpec type="javax.resource.spi.ActivationSpec">





                             <inboundOperation name="onMessage" selectedOperation="onMessage"/>







          Anyway, I need to be hurry to show them in detail to the tooling wizards!!!