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    Advantages of having multiple knowledgesession in jbpm5.2

    Dsire krish Newbie

      I have referred few forum discussions on usage of knowledgesession and the most common update is the implementation of  statefulknowledgesession is upto the user's requirement.

      I'm using JBPM for the workflow execution which mostly contains human tasks and im using single knowledgesession for all the processinstances.


      1. Should i use multiple ksessions.?

      2. What would be the advantages of having multiple knowledgesession.

      3. What would be disadvantage of instantiating 1000s of processinstance in single ksession.


      Note: All my processes are long running process

      kindly calrify.

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          You can use multiple sessions if you want. For example to run all the processInstances from one process definition in one Ksession.

          Usually that will allow you to also run rules and catch events related with that particular process. When you start having complex processes you start thinking about isolating them to have better control.

          If all your processes are working well in just one session and you don't have extra requirements.. you can continue with that approach. Having multiple sessions give you isolation, you just need to keep that in mind.


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