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    How to includes a CMR field in a PK Object

    Thomas Phan Newbie

      If I want to use CMP2.0 (uni-directional; 1:n), and I have:

      CREATE TABLE Product(
      productId INT NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (productId));

      CREATE TABLE ProductDetails(
      locale VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
      productId INT NOT NULL,
      FOREIGN KEY (productId) REFERENCES Product (productId),
      PRIMARY KEY (locale,productId));

      A collection of ProductDetails beans can be obtained by my Product bean (i.e. my ProductDetails bean doesn't have a property namely productId, but Product has a method namely getProductDetails())

      Since my ProductDetails bean doesn't have the productId property (not CMP), how may I include productId in my ProductDetailsPK class, so that I can allow multiple locales for each product (but not multiple locales for all products)

      Another question:

      If i remove all ProductDetails using:

      for (Iterator i = product.getProductDetails().iterator(); i.hasNext() { i.remove(); }

      I cannot remove the ProductDetails records in the database; JBoss sets all ProductDetails.productId to 0. How may I delete the record?