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    JBoss tools for Eclipse 3.8?

    henk de boer Master

      With only 3 weeks left on the calendar before Eclipse 3.8 is supposed to be released, I wonder what the JBoss tools plans are regarding 3.8 for this year.


      Will you adhere to the strategy to release an alpha version of JBoss tools very soon after the major new Eclipse version and a final approximately the week before the version after that, or will it be slightly different this time? Just wondering


      Keep up the good work!

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          Our latest Beta, soon coming CR1 runs on Eclipse Juno  (3.8/4.2) *except* for the Eclipse Dali/JPA integration since here the API's we use have changed, and not just changed, but changed more than we can maintain one codebase for it.


          Thus for 3.8 try latest Beta and upcoming CR1. but be aware in the Hibernate/Dali area it will have issues.


          We hope to move to a faster stable release flow next time around but I don't want to start promising dates/times before we actually can deliver


          The challenge is that large parts of JBoss Tools is stable and could easily be released as a final on its own - but we also do experiments/new development in some parts which can't really be considered final....should we just lie and say its Final to make everyone feel better and just be surprised when we remove/change a recent added feature dependent on userfeedback and how the actual underlying runtime evolves too ?