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    3.0.0.Alpha4 can't use QueryManager after restart JcrEngine

    Neil Zou Newbie

      I have configured + infinispan 5.1.4Final + FileCacheStore.


      Now I can store data successfully, and can retrieve the correct data using below query


                  QueryManager queryManager = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager();
                  Query query =  null;
                  query = queryManager.createQuery("select * from [nt:base] where path() like '/%/" + "testfile.xml" + "/jcr:content'"
                          , Query.JCR_SQL2);
                  QueryResult result = query.execute();
                  NodeIterator nodeIterator = result.getNodes();
                  while (nodeIterator.hasNext()) {
                      Node node2 = nodeIterator.nextNode();


      But after I restart the JcrEngine by using below code,


                  repository = engine.deploy(config);
                  session = repository.login("default");


      Nothing could be search out anymore.


      But still can retrieve data using below way:


                  Node n = session.getNode("/meta/testfile.xml/jcr:content");


      Any issue with the QueryManager in this version?