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    human-task 5.3.0.final

    gigazhang Newbie







      when the Final edition will be deployed?


      when i use the jbpm5.3.0.Final


      which edition of 'human-task' should I use?

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          now you need to choose depending on the transport that you want to use.

          If you are planing to use a local task service you just need to include <artifactId>jbpm-human-task-core</artifactId>

          if you wanna use Mina, HornetQ or JMS you will also need to add:

          <artifactId>jbpm-human-task-mina</artifactId> -> for Mina

          <artifactId>jbpm-human-task-hornetq</artifactId> -> For hornetQ

          <artifactId>jbpm-human-task-JMS</artifactId> -> for JMS




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