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    JQuery loading twice and overwriting my plugins

    Jboss fan99 Newbie


      Using richfaces 4.2.2.

        I'm loading jQuery in my header and also loading some plugins such as jquery ui. I can use JQuery UI properly if there is no richfaces tag in my page. But once I use any richfaces tag like a4j:commandButton, it loads jquery again and wipes off all my previously loaded plugins. Hence I can't use any jquery ui methods anymore.

      I have tried using resource mapping to map both my jquery load and richfaces load to same Jquery URL (same version). Through firebug I can confirm that jquery from same URL is being loaded but still it's overwriting my plugin.


      Any solution to this? I have attached a sample application to explain the problem. Please help.


      Note: When I replace a4j:commandButton with h:commandButton on line 39 everything works fine.