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    Needs a way to have all cache entries stored in cache loader but only partially loaded in memory

    dex chen Novice

      Right now, Infinispan supports passivation and eviction to manager how cache entries stored (in cach store or memory).

      Passivation if enabled, it will allow to remove cache entries from memory and store in cache stores. But, the cache store have only subset of data.


      In our case, we need to have cache store (for persistent purpose) to store all cache data all the time, and have only part of cache entries (spefified by either maxIdle or lifetime, or max number) loaded in memory.


      I do not see any way today Infinispan allows me to do this without have another external data store.


      If I use eviction to specify max number entries, it will remove the data from both cache store and memory.


      Any suggestions?