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    ANNOUNCE:  Metadata based validation for JavaServer Faces - Part 4

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      I am pleased to announce a new article fromGerhard Petracek -

      Metadata based validation for JavaServer Faces - Part 4. In the fourth installment of this series on MyFaces ExtVal, Gerhard Petracek explains some concepts provided by the Core of ExtVal that allow you to integrate custom concepts easily.


      Here is an excerpt:

      An important part of validation in a UI is the result displayed in case of a detected violation. ExtVal provides a pluggable mechanism that lets you provide a MessageResolver class per constraint via convention or dependency injection. It's also possible to use a default MessageResolver per validation module and many other possibilities. A MessageResolver takes a String as well as a Locale and transforms it to a localized message. Basically ExtVal provides an easy to use infrastructure for message resolving. Since there are a lot of different possibilities, and ExtVal will support you with using or integrating your preferred concept of message resolving, we won't take a close look at any particular approach here. There are several examples that illustrate some of the available approaches.


      Read the Full Article here:



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