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    Problem with jboss 6 cluster and Infinispan distribution mode

    Alessandro Montanari Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I created an application using jboss 6.1 and seam 2.2.2 and then I clusterized it using only one partition.

      With default cache options everything works fine: for default I mean the default configurations that can be found in infinispan-configs.xml for both web session and sfsb session replication.

      But when I use the configuration "dist" (<namedCache name="dist">) jboss starts to log this warns:

      WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] discarded message from different cluster "DefaultPartition-SFSB/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditContentBean,service=EJB3" (our cluster is "DefaultPartition-SFSB/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditMaterialBean,service=EJB3"). Sender was lab2d127-43546

      WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] discarded message from different cluster "DefaultPartition-SFSB/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditMaterialBean,service=EJB3" (our cluster is "DefaultPartition-SFSB/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditContentBean,service=EJB3"). Sender was lab2d127-45583

      As you can see the node is discarding messages relative to different beans.

      Notice that EditContentBean and EditMaterialBean are two different sfsbs and EditMaterialBean inherits from EditContentBean.

      These messages appear also if I run only one instance of the server (as you can see the sender "lab2d127" is the same).

      Another strange thing is that these messages does not appear when I use the default configurations.


      For change the configuration I added @CacheConfig(name="sfsb/dist") on the two beans.


      Looking the startup log I also see these messages only when I try to use the distribution mode:

      16:11:36,695 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] Starting JGroups Channel

      16:11:36,696 INFO  [JChannel] JGroups version: 2.11.0.GA

      16:11:36,743 ERROR [JGroupsTransport] Errors instantiating [org.jboss.ha.ispn.DefaultCacheContainerFactory$ChannelFactoryChannelLookup]!  Not using a channel lookup.

      16:11:36,743 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] Unable to use any JGroups configuration mechanisms provided in properties {channelLookup=org.jboss.ha.ispn.DefaultCacheContainerFactory$ChannelFactoryChannelLookup, stack=udp, channelFactory=org.jboss.ha.framework.server.JChannelFactory@13a042e9, channelId=DefaultPartition-SFSB/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditContentBean,service=EJB3}.  Using default JGroups configuration!


      17:18:48,790 INFO  [ComponentsJmxRegistration] Could not register object with name: org.infinispan:type=Cache,name="___defaultcache(dist_async)",manager="sfsb/ear=myalma-ear.ear,jar=myalma-ejb.jar,name=EditMaterialBean,service=EJB3",component=Cache


      I thought that was a problem of jgroups channel isolation so I created another udp stack with different port and address in relation to the orginal stack and then I assigned this stack to one cache and the original stack to the other but also in this way the messages are still there (a srange thing here is that it works with the default configuration that uses the same original udp stack for both beans).


      What I have to do in this case?