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    Can't configure JBoss 7.1.2 failover (clustering - OK, SSO - not)




      We are trying to test failover of our WAR  when one of the AS7 nodes fails (each node run single server from the same server group). Nodes are behind tomcat redirector with sticky session turn on. When we stop the node we connected to, we see our login screen sent from the second node. After succesfull login,  I see all data from the original session from the first node, so session clustering is OK. What needs to be configured to propagate credential (avoid login dialog) on every new node my session failover to?

      • our WAR marked distributable
      • we use form based authentification
      • 7.1.2.Final built from source 2 weeks ago
      • domain mode; profile ha
      • virtual server settings:

      <virtual-server name="default-host" enable-welcome-root="true">

      <alias name="localhost"/>

      <alias name="example.com"/>

      <sso reauthenticate="true"/>



      I tried to set "reauthenticate" to true/false or skip it a t all but with the same result.